Euan Macdonald and a researcher in a lab,  they are in a conversation and both are smiling at Euan's eye-gaze screen

Euan's story

Euan's story

Euan MacDonald MBE was just 29 years old when he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease.

Socialising, being an adventurer and championing disabled access through his charity Euan’s Guide are just some of the things Euan MacDonald devotes his time to. It just so happens that he also has motor neuron disease (MND).

Euan MacDonald MBE was 29 years old when he was diagnosed with MND in 2003. He currently lives in Edinburgh with his wife and two sons and is surrounded by a supportive unit of family and friends.

Founding the Centre

Following his diagnosis, Euan and his father Donald MacDonald CBE resolved to do whatever they could to ensure MND research was brought to the forefront of everyone’s mind in Edinburgh and further afield. Having both come from an investment background, they approached a group of key MND researchers at the University of Edinburgh and began discussions to establish, what is now, the thriving and internationally recognised centre for MND research – The Euan MacDonald Centre.

Beating the odds, Euan is an inspiration to many and often provides Centre staff with a much-needed fresh outlook on projects!

Euan's Guide

In 2013 Euan, his sister Kiki and their father Donald launched Euan’s Guide - a disabled access review website that is helping to open up towns and cities to disabled people everywhere by removing the fear of the unknown, and inspiring people to try new places. Find out more at