Close up of eight holder pipette, ejecting orange liquid into multi-well plate


Explore the different types of research that we do.

A researcher is looking through a microscope, with another research in the background looking at images on a screen

Research themes

Our research themes are based around treatments, quality-of-life and understanding the biology of MND.

A researcher in a lab coat is sitting at a laboratory bench, talking through laboratory procedures with Euan Macdonald who is in his power-chair, Euan is engaging the researcher in conversation

Research case studies

Some of our research projects - explained.

A close up of the screen of a spirometer (an instrument that measures breathing), with an out-of-focus patient in the background doing the test, by blowing into the mouthpiece

How can I help the research?

There are many ways that people with MND and the public can help our research.

Two PhD students are looking at two computer screens with graphs on one, brain slice scans on the other

For academics: explore our research

The scientific details of our current research projects.

collage of print outs of title pages of scientific publications

For academics: publications

The latest academic research publications by Centre members.