Social Dimensions of Biomedicine

About the project

The ‘Social Dimensions of Biomedicine’ program of research and engagement includes projects and fellowships from a range of funders, and sits at the interface of the sociology of science, medical sociology, and the health humanities. It is concerned with illuminating the societal and interpersonal processes that structure biomedical knowledge production and application, and the circulation of this within society.


UKRI, Wellcome Trust


Broer T, Pickersgill M, Cunningham-Burley S.
Neurobiological limits and the somatic significance of love: Caregivers' engagements with neuroscience in Scottish parenting programmes.
Hist Human Sci. 2020 Dec;33(5):85-109
Pickersgill, M.
Negotiating Novelty: Constructing the Novel within Scientific Accounts of Epigenetics
Sociology, November 17th 2020.
Barnett AI, Pickersgill M, Dilkes-Frayne E, Carter A.
Neural imaginaries at work: Exploring Australian addiction treatment providers’ selective representations of the brain in clinical practice
Soc Sci Med. 2020 Jun;255:112977

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Nikos Avramidis, Andrea Ford, Jaime García-Iglesias, Esther González Hernando, Gabrielle King, David Lawrence, Yu-Chen Lin, Aoife McKenna, Emma Nance, Julia Swallow