Natalie Connelly and Barbara Campbell

Fundraisers in an office smiling at the camera

Natalie Connelly and Barbara Campbell

Friends and colleagues Natalie and Barbara organised a raffle and bucket collection at work to support MND research.

Method of fundraising

Raffle and bucket collection

Why did you decide to fundraise?

We chose to raise funds for the Euan MacDonald Centre due to the help and support given to our friend Robert Paully and his family whilst he was living with motor neurone disease (MND).

The money we raised will go towards The Robert Ferguson Paulley Memorial Fund for MND Research to help other individuals and their families living with this debilitating disease.

How did you raise the money?

Barbara and I performed a bucket collection within our offices in Glasgow for our end-of-the-month ‘Dress Down Day’.

We also hosted a raffle within the office on the same day to raise awareness and additional funds for this fantastic cause.

In addition to this, Barbara was able to secure matched funding from our employer of £1,000. This added to the £1,144 raised on the day, which brought the total raised to £2,144.00.

Fundraising wisdom: 

I have applied for the Euan MacDonald Centre to be the beneficiary of the ‘Month End Dress Down Collection’ for the past three years.

With there only being 12 charities eligible each year, the competition is tough. You need to submit your chosen charity as well as a brief paragraph as to why you think your nominated charity should be included.

Even though I wasn’t successful at first, I just kept on applying every year. My thought process being that it was only a brief paragraph required from me, but if successful it could raise a fantastic amount for the charity. So my advice would be to just keep on trying, don’t be disheartened.