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About us

About us

We use research to improve the lives of people living with motor neuron disease (MND) and related conditions.

Who we are

The Euan MacDonald Centre for Motor Neuron Disease Research is based at the University of Edinburgh and is a not-for-profit, charitable network of over 200 researchers across Scotland. We use research to improve the lives of people living with motor neuron disease (MND) and related conditions.

The Centre's mission is to

  • undertake research into MND, both laboratory-based and patient-centred projects
  • deliver training for the next generation of MND research leaders
  • provide a network for those involved in MND research across Scotland
  • work with Scottish healthcare professionals and other charities to increase awareness of MND and MND research among the public

Launched in 2007 following a donation by Euan MacDonald and his father Donald MacDonald, the Centre aims to make discoveries that will slow, stop and eventually reverse MND.

Director, members and partners

Professor Siddharthan Chandran is the Centre’s Director.

Our members come from a range of diverse subject areas, where MND research may be their main focus or just one of their areas of interest. Members are laboratory scientists, doctors, social scientists and healthcare professionals, all united by their work researching MND.

Working together

We work closely with other universities and with the NHS and have strong partnerships with scientists around the world. We work on collaborative research projects to connect with international expertise and discoveries. Our research findings are published in international journals for the worldwide community to share, and discuss them at regular conferences. The fight against MND is a global one in which we are proud to play a part.

University of Edinburgh

At the University of Edinburgh, the Euan MacDonald Centre is part of the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences (College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine) and Edinburgh Neuroscience. We have particularly strong links with the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic, a University research facility where people with MND in the Lothians come for their NHS appointments.

Charitable status

The Euan MacDonald Centre is an academic centre and not-for-profit. The Centre has charitable status through the University of Edinburgh Development Trust. Find out about donating to the Centre.