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A researcher holding a tank of zebrafish up towards the camera

A step towards understanding spinal cord repair

Dec 2018: Our researchers have identified that immune system cells are important in spinal cord repair in zebrafish.

A sensory neuron viewed under a microscope

New research insights in spinal muscular atrophy

Oct 2018: Recent research by a team of Euan MacDonald Centre investigators provides new insights into spinal muscular atrophy, the childhood-onset motor neurone disease.

Doddie Weir

Rugby star pledges new funds for drug screening research

Oct 2018: The My Name'5 Doddie Foundation has pledged £250K to the Euan MacDonald Centre for a drug screening programme.

Professor Sharon Abrahams looking at a screen showing brain scan images

MND affects thinking in up to 80 per cent of patients

Sep 2018: Our latest research suggests that four out of five people with MND are likely to experience changes in their brain function, as well as impaired movement.

Lipid droplets (in green) and the ALS8-associated protein DVAP (in red) in the fat body (adipose tissue) of the fruit-fly.

As a matter of fat: Potential links between lipid droplets and MND

Jul 2018: Centre researcher Dr Giuseppa Pennetta has co-authored an essay presenting evidence that droplets of fat might have a beneficial effect in cells affected by MND.

Five researchers wearing lab coats

Summer e-newsletter published

June 2018: Our Summer 2018 e-newsletter is now available.  

Stornaway harbour

Speak:Unique on the road: a Scottish island-hopping adventure!

June 2018: The Speak:Unique team has been on the road, recording voices in the Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland.

screenshot of the home page of the Euan MacDonald Centre website

Welcome to our new website!

Jun 2018: We’re excited to launch our new website.

4 researchers who won the Hampton award stood smiling at camera

Postgraduate Afternoon 2018

May 2018: Seventy MND researchers from across Scotland gathered to discuss the latest science and research ideas.

two researchers in a darkened room looking at a large projection of a brain

Funding for research posts to search for MND treatments

Apr 2018: We announce funding for two new postdoctoral laboratory scientists who will work on screening for new drug leads for MND.

researchers at a display stand chatting about their work with the public

Research Open Evening: 12th April

Meet researchers at our drop-in open evening hosted by the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic.

a researcher looking at cells on a screen

Synapse loss may underlie brain changes in MND 

Dec 2017: New research findings give insight into the pathways that underlie changes in thinking and behaviour in MND.

cells viewed under a microscope

Stem cell research reveals differences in cells from people with MND

Feb 2018: Euan MacDonald Centre researchers have published exciting new findings based on their research on stem cells.

office items on a desk

Winter 2017 e-newsletter now available

Dec 2017: The latest edition of our e-newsletter is now available.

A group of fundraisers who have just completed the Gung Ho! obstacle course

Thank you to our wonderful fundraisers of 2017!

Dec 2017: Sincere thanks to our wonderful fundraisers, who raised a huge amount for us in 2017.

Donald MacDonald CBE and Prof Sir John Savill wearing graduation robes

Donald MacDonald CBE awarded honorary degree

Dec 2017: Our Centre's co-founder Donald MacDonald was awarded Doctor honoris causa by the University of Edinburgh.

Hannah Shorrock in the lab holding a copy of her PhD thesis

Congratulations Hannah Shorrock – our newest PhD

Dec 2017: Congratulations to Dr Hannah Shorrock, a Euan MacDonald-Centre funded postgraduate student, who has been awarded her PhD.

VIPs at Just a Sports Quiz 2017

Two amazing 2017 fundraising events with our founders & rugby friends

Dec 2017: A huge thank you to everyone who attended and/or donated to Just a Sports Quiz 2017 and the Arbikie Highland Estate Field of Dreams.

Sharon Abrahams delivering a masterclass to a room full of health professionals.

ECAS on the road: training MND healthcare professionals

Dec 2017: Professor Sharon Abrahams and Faith Hodgins are delivering training on the ‘Edinburgh Cognitive and Behavioural ALS Screen’ (ECAS) .

a researcher looking at cells on a screen

New insights into how motor neurons live and die in MND

Dec 2017: Euan MacDonald Centre scientists have published new studies that provide insights into the molecules and chemical pathways involved in neuron degeneration.