Friday 11th December - Centre Researcher ALS Symposium Presentations

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December 2020: Day 3 - Details of the research being presented by Euan MacDonald Centre researchers today at the MNDA International Symposium on ALS/MND. 

The following pieces of research are being presented today as academic posters, to registered participants at the MNDA Virtual International Symposium on ALS, between 11.35 and 12.50pm. The full event had been running from Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th December. 

Clinical Trials in ALS: a Systematic Review.

Presented by Charis Wong

Authors: Charis Wong, Rachel Dakin, Jeremy Chataway, Robert Swingler, Christopher Weir, Nigel Stallard, Mahesh Parmar, Malcolm Macleod, Suvankar Pal and Siddharthan Chandran.

Despite decades of research and clinical trials, there remains a lack of effective treatment to slow, stop or reverse amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We reviewed past and present clinical trials to understand the challenges in designing and conducting ALS trials. We discuss potential approaches to overcome these challenges in future trials.

“Time is of the Essence”: Communication with potential participants following the launch of a clinical drug trial for MND.

Presented by Emily Beswick

Authors: Emily Beswick, Jill Williamson, Michael Wong, Rachel Dakin, Juan Larraz, Judy Newton , Tania Van Der Westhuizen, Siddharthan Chandran and Suvankar Pal

MND-SMART (Motor Neuron Disease Systematic Multi-Arm Randomised Adaptive Trial) is a UK-wide trial seeking to address the lack of effective treatment options for people with motor neuron disease. Patient public involvement has informed the design of MND-SMART and continues to be important in delivering a trial to meet the needs of this group. We reviewed emails between potential participants, their representatives and the trial team following the public launch of MND-SMART.

The findings indicate that people with MND, their caregivers and clinical team are highly motivated to engage with MND-SMART. A review of the content of the emails indicated that the mailbox was used for seeking or providing information and expressing positive or negative feedback.

Synaptic and tripartite synaptic nanostructure in the spinal cord in mouse models of ALS.

Presented by Matthew J Broadhead

Authors: Matthew J Broadhead, Calum Bonthron, Sarah Burley, Julia Waddington, Seth Grant, Siddharthan Chandran and Gareth Miles.

Matthew’s research is using high resolution microscopes to look at the spinal cords of mice. He is investigating tiny changes in the organisation of molecules at the synapse (the junction between cells) looking to further understand how damage to neurons occurs due to MND.

This article was published on: Friday, December 11, 2020