MND-SMART clinical trial update

Microscopic image of a virus

July 2020: We are pleased to announce that we are preparing to restart recruitment to the MND-SMART clinical trial from our Edinburgh trial clinic.

Recruitment was paused in March in accordance with government guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the first phase of the restart, we will be testing our new Covid compliant practices with a very limited number of new participants to ensure we are meeting government, NHS and trial sponsor requirements. These restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of people taking part in MND-SMART.

We will provide another update on recruitment at the end of July.

No action needed

There is no need to contact us about appointments or re-register your interest in the trial if you have already signed up. We will e mail everyone who has registered with this update.

If you wish to withdraw your interest, please email the trial team on

Any other questions

If you have a question, please firstly visit our Frequently Asked Questions page on our trial website. The majority of questions we receive by phone and email are answered here.

Opening other UK trial centres

During lockdown we have continued to work with other trial centres across the UK to prepare for them to open. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted these plans but the team is working hard to open centres as soon as possible. We will announce these here and on, and Euan MacDonald Centre social media.


We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has registered their interest in joining the trial and to the professionals who are working hard to open centres across the UK.

This article was published on: Thursday, July 16, 2020