MND symposium marks the retirement of Centre founding Professor

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November 2020: Colleagues share MND research findings and pay tribute to Professor Richard Ribchester.

Talk of pirates and Chamber Orchestra Recitals is not the norm for MND researcher events, but this week’s Euan MacDonald Centre online symposium was one with a difference. MND researchers from across Scotland and further afield gathered online to celebrate the career of Professor Richard Ribchester, Professor of Cellular Neuroscience, whilst exchanging current MND research findings and work.  

Richard is known for his mentorship of young researchers and groundbreaking science alongside his ‘RRR’ initials (say it out loud to understand the pirate references!)

Richard was instrumental in founding the Euan MacDonald Centre for MND Research in 2007. In May 2006, he brought together Euan and Donald MacDonald with key MND researchers, at the unusual venue of Edinburgh Zoo, where they discussed what would help drive forward MND research. The following year he facilitated the first gathering of Edinburgh MND researchers, known as EdMoND. At launch, Richard took on the role of Acting Director for the Centre until 2008.

“Richard combines scientific creativity and excellence with great vision, compassion and humility. His contribution to MND research will be felt for many years to come through his own work and that of the many younger scientists he has inspired and mentored.’

Professor Siddharthan ChandranCurrent Centre Director

Euan MacDonald delivered a short speech at the symposium and said “You can add my dad and I to the very long list of mentees that have benefited from spending time with him. He has always been generous with his time and… answered the numerous questions we had. We are very grateful for Richard giving us the best possible introduction to the world of neuroscience.…. Conversations ranged from NMJs to astrocytes and basic science to clinical.

“We also got to know Richard personally over that time and found out his love for neuromuscular junctions is matched by his love for classical music - something he shares with Dad.… Thank you Richard, we appreciate everything you have done in your incredible career and everything you have done for us. We wish you a very happy retirement.”

Richard will remain a Euan MacDonald Centre member throughout his retirement through Emeritus status.


Watch a recording of the lecture Richard gave at the end of the symposium, plus tributes from Donald and Euan MacDonald, and Richard's colleagues: Professor Richard Ribchester's retiral lecture and tributes

You can learn more about Richard and his work in this online interview: Interview with Richard Ribchester


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This article was published on: Thursday, November 26, 2020