Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society

About the project

The Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society is supported by over £1.8m from the Wellcome Trust, involving interdisciplinary approaches to exploring the issues, challenges and questions raised by biomedicine, biotechnology and health care in today's society.

The Principal Investigators are Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Sarah Chan, Martyn Pickersgill and Steve Sturdy.

Over the next five years, the team will investigate a range of issues across five broad themes: "Beyond the Body", "Beyond Disease", "Beyond Global", "Beyond Legal" and "Beyond Engagement". These strands, as well as highlighting areas of contemporary importance to biomedicine and society, will allow them to demonstrate how novel interdisciplinary team science approaches can go 'beyond' current research to produce new insights and understandings.


Wellcome Trust


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Pickersgill M, Chan S, Haddow G, Laurie G, Sridhar D, Sturdy S, Cunningham-Burley S.
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Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Sarah Chan, Steve Sturdy, Ellen Stewart, Ingrid Young, Lukas Engelmann, Gabrielle King