Centre researchers join international symposium on ALS/MND

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December 2020: Over 1000 researchers will join together online from Wednesday 9 – Friday 11 December for the MNDA event.

Wednesday 9th December 2020 is the first day of the 31st Motor Neurone Disease Association International Symposium on ALS/MND. This year the 3 day event will take place virtually due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The event brings together researchers from around the world to foster strong collaborations and share new understanding on MND as rapidly as possible. It is the largest medical and scientific conference specific to MND/ALS.  

Researchers from the Euan MacDonald Centre are amongst those attending and presenting their work and below is a summary of some of their research being highlighted. We will provide more details about the research being presented each day here in the news section on our website. 


  • A systematic review of neuropsychiatric and cognitive assessments used in clinical trials for ALS - Emily Beswick
  • Change over time and impact of apathy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - Dr Ratko Radakovic
  • Mapping the landscape of TDP-43 aggregation in ALS at the nanoscopic-scale - Owen Kantelberg
  • Unique inflammatory transcriptional profiles distinguish long from short disease duration ALS - Dr Elizabeth Elliott


  • Factors Impacting Trial Participation in People with Motor Neuron Disease: A Protocol - Emily Beswick
  • International evaluation of current practices in cognitive assessment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - Debbie Gray 
  • Investigating neuroinflammatory dysregulation and its implications for disease phenotype and progression in C9orf72 post-mortem tissue - Olivia Rifai
  • Life ‘on high alert’: how do people with a family history of MND make sense of genetic risk? Insights from an online forum - Jade Howard
  • Novel methodology for producing postnatal spinal co-cultures of astrocytes and neurons for use in the study of ALS -  - Calum Bonthron and Sarah Burley
  • Potential neuroprotective effects in ALS of retinoic acid receptor ligands (RAR-Ms) - Azita Kouchmeshky


  • Are psychiatric symptoms and disorders associated with cognitive and behavioural abnormalities in ALS? - Dr Caroline McHutchison
  • Clinical Trials in ALS: a Systematic Review - Dr Charis Wong
  • HCB-26: Investigating the molecular mechanisms of mutant C9orf72 human iPSC-derived astrocyte-mediated motor neuron deficits - Dr Maria Stavrou
  • “Time is of the Essence”: Communication with potential participants following the launch of a clinical drug trial for MND - Emily Beswick
  • Synaptic and tripartite synaptic nanostructure in the spinal cord in mouse models of ALS - Dr Matthew Broadhead
This article was published on: Tuesday, December 08, 2020