Euan MacDonald Centre research featured in Dementia Researcher blog and webinar

Screenshot from webinar featuring the four participants on a video call

June 2023: Catch up on a blog and webinar recording about some of our research from MND Awareness Week.

Thank you to our colleagues at the Dementia Researcher network for featuring two Euan MacDonald Centre researchers during MND Awareness Week last week.

Guest blog about the importance of synapses in MND

"There are more connection points (synapses) between our brain cells than there are stars in our galaxy."  In this blog, Dr Chris Henstridge from the University of Dundee discusses his research on synapse loss in MND and dementias.

Guest Blog – Fading stars: disorder in the galaxy of the brain

Webinar about MND-SMART clinical trial

Prof Suvankar Pal from the University of Edinburgh joined Dr Jane Haley, Director of Research at MND Scotland, and Stevie Morris, who is living with MND, on a live webinar hosted by Adam Smith of Dementia Researcher. You can now watch the recording on YouTube.

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This article was published on: Tuesday, June 27, 2023